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FrogNet Xpert Services Clean Leap! is the new service from FrogNet that helps restore aging computers to their former glory or fine-tune a new machine for ideal performance! For a limited time, FrogNet is offering this service for $99, over 40%% off of our regular price of $120! This sale pricing is available to current FrogNet subscribers only.

We will inspect, benchmark, troubleshoot, clean, optimize and upgrade one (1) Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 personal computer by ensuring the following:

  • Repair any Windows-related system issues
  • Remove any adware, bloatware, rootkits, spyware, trialware, Trojan horses and viruses as well as vaccinations against future infections
  • Install critical Windows system and hardware driver updates alongside optimization of startup items, system services and registry, Windows options and hard drive and memory functions
  • Optimize the system for Internet-related tasks, including installation of the latest video and audio codecs and players in addition to browser plug-ins and extensions.


Call FrogNet today at 1-855-FROGNET (855-376-4638) to take advantage of our limited time sale and get your computer serviced – it’ll return the favor!



FrogNet Continues to offer, as part of its Clean Leap! virus and spyware removal and protection updates at just $49.95. This sale pricing is available to current FrogNet subscribers only.