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This help tutorial will guide you through the installation of the WebRunner accelerator.

More info on WebRunner

FrogNet dialup customers can now use WebRunner with their current modem to speed up their 56k connection up to 6 times faster than it currently is.

step 1

Welcome to the WebRunner Walkthrough. If you have not already download the WebRunner Software, do so by clicking here. Download the dialer to your Desktop and double-click on the icon. The picture above will be the first screen you will see. This screen will give you basic install information for the WebRunner Software. Click Next to Continue...

This is the License Agreeement to use the WebRunner Software. Please read the License Agreement and click on the checkbox if you agree with the terms and conditions. If you do not agree, you won't be able to continue with the installation of WebRunner. Click Next to Continue...

In this window, Advanced users have the ability to select which folder they would like to install the WebRunner product in. It is recommended to use the selection that is already made. Click Next to Continue...

Watch the WebRunner Software install!

This window will display basic information about the WebRunner software. Read the information and click Finish to complete the installation.

Enter your dialup username and password. Your username looks like an email address and should end in @frognet.net For example, if your frognet username (login, id) is joefrog, your username for this step should be This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '

Once your username and password are accepted, you will see the WebRunner icon in your system tray. The WebRunner Acceleration Software is now running! If you Right Click on the WebRunner system tray icon a menu will display.

By clicking on Statistics, WebRunner will display the compression statistics. Clicking Details will give you an individual listing of the compression engines statistics.

By clicking on "Settings...", you will enter the setup menus. Inside the first menu, you have the ability to improve graphic quality or increase the overall speed of WebRunner by moving the slider. The images will change as an example of the quality change.

The "Connection" tab will allow you to update your dialup username and password if ever necessary.

The "Email" tab will allow you turn on or off email acceleration.

The "Update" tab shows your version and the latest version that is available. If an update is available, the "Update" now button will be active.

The "Proxy Exclusion" tab displays a list of sites you can exclude from the accelerator. If you are having a problem loading a site, this is a great place to start by excluding it.

The Pop-up Blocker Options screen allows you to disable blocking, block floating flash ads and to be notified of a block by making your system beep.

The Whitelist automatically allow popups from sites that you specify. By default, WindowsUpdate.com is already allowed.

The Logging window will show which popups have been blocked.

The Diagnostics window is a useful tool for troublshooting. This feature will run a series of tests that can be used to help if there is an issue.

The About window will display your version number and other information about the WebRunner Acceleartor.