What is a domain?


A domain is like a vanity license plate for your car. Companies that are serious about the web always have a domain name. For a better description, click here to read a definition of "domain name" from webopedia.com.

FrogNet will host up to 10 domains for every standard dial-up, ADSL, hosting, frame relay or server co-location package that you own. Provided these domains can fit in your 200MB block of server space.

FrogNet does not charge any setup fee for the registration of a domain name.

You can host more domains on FrogNet when you purchase more 200MB blocks for $9.95 per month. Click Here for more information on domain hosting prices. If you have questions contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call our sales/tech support at 1-888-593-FROG.

Front Page Extensions

FrogNet DOES NOT SUPPORT Microsoft FrontPage extensions. You cannot use FrontPage's publishing functions or any of Microsoft's "web bots" on FrogNet. You should note that a VAST MAJORITY of web servers do not provide support for FrontPage since it only runs best on Microsoft web servers. FrogNet only hosts web sites on the immensely popular, secure and open-sourced LINUX/APACHE web server platform. It is our suggestion that you avoid using FrontPage if at all possible since it limits you to only hosting your site on a Microsoft web server. For more info on using FrontPage 2002 and Frontpage XP with FrogNet, read this article.

You Need An Account With FrogNet First

If you are already a FrogNet customer and wish to host a domain on your account, you can skip this step. If you are not a current customer you need to get a username by calling our sales staff and purchasing an account.

Start the Domain Transfer

Pick an option from the list below.

I want to buy a domain and have FrogNet host it
Follow this link if you currently DO NOT own a domain and would like to purchase one.

I own a domain that isn't being hosted anywhere.
Follow this link if you already own a domain that is just sitting idle or "parked."

I have an active domain that I want transferred to FrogNet for hosting
Follow this link if you already have an active domain up on the web which is currently hosted by another company.