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Each FrogNet account is for the sole use of the subscriber to whom that account belongs. The account holder assumes full responsibility for any and all usage of their account.

The following actions are strictly prohibited:


Use of a FrogNet account and/or FrogNet resources to send mass, unsolicited email (spam), to make unsolicited contact with another user in a manner found offensive by said user, in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to any network system or device, in such a way that denies others the ability to use their service, and/or failure to disconnect from FrogNet when not actively consuming Internet services through that connection.

Any use of a FrogNet account which violates any state or federal law, the terms of service for that account and/or this acceptable use policy.

 Use of any means to auto-reconnect a severed dial-up connection.

 FrogNet may terminate any FrogNet account or connection at any time, for abuse or any other reason.


FrogNet reserves the right to amend these policies at any time.



The maximum number of concurrent dialup connections allowed per FrogNet account is one (1). It is the responsibility of the FrogNet account holder to disconnect from FrogNet when not actively consuming Internet services through that connection.

The Services are intended for periodic, active use of email, newsgroups, file transfers, Internet chat, games, and browsing the World Wide Web. Dial-up subscribers may stay connected so long as they are actively using that connection for the above purposes. Members may not use the Services on a standby or inactive basis in order to maintain a connection. Pinging in order to keep a connection open is expressly prohibited. Accordingly, FrogNet maintains the right to terminate any member's connection following any extended period of inactivity as determined by FrogNet.

Daemons are not available with shell access.

FrogNet reserves the right to employ session limits or otherwise temporarily terminate connections at any time. (Most FrogNet dial-up networks are set to a four hour session limit.)


FrogNet 's billing cycle begins on the monthly anniversary of the account setup date. This date becomes the monthly due date. Bills are sent via email 10 to 15 days prior to the due date and are always due on the anniversary date. Any FrogNet subscriber who does not routinely check his/her FrogNet email address must provide a valid, routinely checked email address for billing purposes. Failure to check email does not constitute a valid excuse for late payment. Past due accounts will be disabled on the 5th day after the anniversary date.

Payments received on the 29th and 30th of the month are posted with an effective date of the 28th. Payments received on the 31st are posted on the 1st of the next month.

Extensions may be granted under special circumstances if the subscriber contacts FrogNet before the billing due date.

Long Distance

You are solely responsible for determining if use of a particular dial-up number will cause you to incur long-distance, toll, or other charges. FrogNet is not responsible for any long-distance, toll or other telecommunications charges you incur. FrogNet can help you find a local access number, but your local phone company is the final word on the toll status of any call. Call them if you are in doubt.

Interruption of Service

FrogNet is a subscription based service. Billing and access may be temporarily disabled, at the subscriber's request (e.g. for vacations, sabbaticals, etc.), if sufficient prior notice is given. Otherwise, no refunds or credits will be issued for any interruption of use not caused by FrogNet.

If your account is deactivated for nonpayment, you must pay your past due balance in full in addition to paying for your first month back.


FrogNet may terminate any FrogNet account at any time, for any reason. If a FrogNet account is terminated due to abuse or misuse as deemed by FrogNet or its agents (See FrogNet's Acceptable Use Policy), no refund will be issued.


FrogNet reserves the right to amend these policies at any time.


phone: 1-855-FROGNET

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