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Host your domain with FrogNet in 2 easy steps:
step 1 Not a current customer? Click HERE to sign up online or call to speak with a friendly FrogNet representative.
step 2 Click here to provide us with basic information about your domain name.
1-888-593-FROG - 6 South Court St - Athens, OH 45701


Please Read The FrogNet Terms of Service and Usage Policy

1 Gigabyte of Web Space
That's a whopping 1000 megabytes of hard-drive space on our server for your web site. There are no restrictions on the total number of pages or links in your domain.

Host Up to 10 Domains At No Extra Charge
No, that wasn't a mistake. If you can fit 10 domains on to your 1 Gigabyte block of web space, then go for it! We'll let you host up to 10 domains at no extra charge.

Incredibly Affordable
The more domains you host, the cheaper your monthly cost per domain. For example, if you prepay for a year, and host 10 domains, you're only paying $0.82 a month per domain. NO ONE can beat these prices!

Unlimited Email Boxes
Need a few dozen e-mail accounts? You've got it... and at no extra charge. Plus you have the ability to add / edit / or delete POP3 email accounts from your domain via a web page control panel. You can even create your own list-serves, forward your own email, create auto-responders and "on vacation" messages.

LINUX Shell Account
Use ssh or sftp to connect to your shell account on our server.

CGI Scripting Support
FrogNet supports advanced scripting languages like PERL and PHP. There is also support for SSI and XSSI. FrogNet is a 100% linux platform. Sorry, no support for FrontPage server extensions or ASP.

One FREE MySQL database
You'll get one free MySQL database per hosting package upon request. Use it with PHP to make powerful database driven websites.

Fast Connectivity
FrogNet's hosting server is connected to the internet via a lightning fast fiber connection.

Redundant Power Supply
Our web server and network is provided continual power via battery back-up and a gas powered generator. We are power-outage proof!

Tech Support Located in IN HOUSE! Not Overseas!!!
Our technicians are located mere feet from our hosting racks! If there is a problem, we can reach over and fix it! Problems get fixed FAST!

You can easily purchase more hosting packages should you ever need more monthly transfer or more hard-drive space on the server.

Free Basic FrogStats Statistics
We track hits to your site using AWSTATS for free.


Get all the features listed above for just $9.95 a month.

Prepay Discount:
Pay $99 for a year of hosting and save over 17%. The more domains you host, the cheaper your monthly cost per domain. For example, if you prepay for a year, and host 10 domains, you're only paying $0.82 a month per domain. NO ONE can beat these prices!

A version of this domain hosting package is provided FOR FREE to our DSL and DIALUP customers but with only 200 MB of space. So why not use FrogNet as your ISP and save even more?

Additional Domain Hosting Services

More Server Space:
Additional server space for large data storage needs can be added to your domain in 1 gigabyte chunks. The cost is $9.95 per chunk. Each chunk purchased increases your allowable monthly transfer and allows you to host another 10 more domains for free.

Additional MySQL Database:
Need another MySQL database in addition to the one you get for free? $10 setup fee and $5 per month additional charge.

Domain Name Forwarding For FREE!:
You can have one domain forward to another. For example: if you own joe.com and joe.org. visitors to the .org site can automatically be taken to the .com site. In addition, email sent to the .org address will be forwarded to the .com as well. Forwarded domains count as 1 domain towards your 10 domain limit per hosting package.

Static IP for Home Hosting:
Attention net savvy, advanced customers. Did you know that if you have a FrogNet ADSL connection you can run your own web server and/or email server at your home or office? We will provide you with a static IP address for FREE. We'll maintain a DNS zone record for your server for an additional $12 a year. Or you can use one of several FREE DNS services available on the web and avoid our $12 charge.

Website Statistics:
We can set up a detailed AWStats report for your domain. AWStats analyzes your domain's log files to determine...

  • The most common search words people use to find your site
  • The number of hits and visits your site receives
  • The web browsers people use to see your site
  • The entry and exit points to your site
  • The most popular pages and files on your site
  • Find out who is linking to your site
  • ... and much more.

FREE with all hosting packages.

Secure Certificate:
FrogNet has a secure certificate that we allow our customers access to for free. However, the URL or address that appears when visitors come to your FREE secure site starts with https://home.frognet.net/~YourUsername where "YourUsername" is your frognet user name.

If you want a secure certificate that only displays your domain's URL, like this for example: https://www.yourdomainname.com then there is an adittional charge. You need to buy a secure certificate from a certificate Authority like Verisign or Thawte. Frognet then charges a one time $50.00 setup fee.

Advanced Domain Hosting
Need More Control? Do you want to run scripts as root on your own webserver? Would you like to tweak your own Apache configuration? Want to be the king of your web space? Try our server co-location options.